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student at the university of texas. i knew that i had more left in the tank. so there wasn't any question of whether or not i was going to keep up with it in law school, even though lot of people asked me how i would do so. but even after law school i was fortunate enough to receive a job offer from a law firm in new york city and they have been very supportive. they deferred that offer for a couple years and are behind me 100%. it really enables me to focus on my training and really try to be all that i can be on the track before i attempt that in my legal career. >> how did it come back that you would represent haiti as opposed to pursuing only a u.s. olympic team slot and then leaving it there if you didn't make the team or celebrating if you did. instead, it would be haiti that you would be representing as an olympian? >> yeah. well, in 2007 before going to law school when i finished at the university of texas i decided that i wanted to compete internationally. that year was the pan american games. so for me at that point it was really just a decision that competing for haiti, i could
children and gordon's family said he was a true texas gentleman. a vigil will take place at aurora city hall at aches o'clock 30. >> thank you very much. later on, my colleague, jon scott, will talk to a friend of a victim, a woman who was saved by her friend who, dove in front of a bullet for her. that's not the only amazing story. others are telling about their chilling brushes with death, like the neighbor who nearly went into the booby-trapped apartment. >> at that point, i knocked on the door, hard, trying to get someone's attention. i noticed there wasn't any voices, as if there were a party going on, which struck me as odd joyou put your hand on the door and tried to knock. >> i d. i tried the knob. it seemed like it was unlocked. but something told me that it probably wasn't a good idea to go in there. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. st $14.99. start with soup, salad ancheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect cour
is botswana? >> this is the size in terms of area of the state of texas. >> oh, ok. >> in terms of population, about 2 million people. our number one revenue was diamonds. >> diamonds? i will get to that in a minute. as big as texas, 2 million people. sparsely populated. >> very sparsely populated. parts of the desert is in botswana. the most pristine forest area is found in the north and is part of botswana. >> so, a big tourist attraction? >> a very big tourist attraction. the country is driving tourism but also protection of the environment at the same time. >> this is a land-locked country, isn't it? >> yes, it is. >> as you mentioned, desert is a huge part of it. what is the definition of a doubt that? >> the rivers come in from all over and goal and they come and they end in -- they come from all over angola and they end in botswana. we have all of the animals you can think of in the world. >> the capital is what? >> caswell tony -- >> how do you get there? >> from here, it would take you about 15 hours. you can fly from johannesburg right straight into the delta . >> you just mentioned
and we cannot always beat texas. you can go to arizona and do your work out of there. a lot of people still move to silicon valley because of the synergy of so many bright people. if you can get the right people, get that cleaned up so we can bring smart people here and keep them here, we will keep adopting the game. [applause] >> governor hickenlooper, this is your chance. you have here a room full of silicon valley executives. what do you say to them to get them to expand or move to colorado? >> can governor brown leave the room for a minute? >> i am a great believer that luring companies from one state to the other does not help the country. i think it is a race to the bottom. as the governor would say. it is useful for us to be as relentlessly pro-business as we can. we're very focused on education and we want to be the no. 1 state for solving this riddle that this country has become from being the no. 1 public education nation to one in the bottom half. we know the things -- at risk kids are coming from difficult neighborhoods and often broken families, they need a longer school
story is a migration story. they come from texas and louisiana to the area to oakland and they find themselves your book focuses on medical care. you write that the black panther party, the answer is were part of an uncharted tradition of african-american health policies. >> guest: it means that we haven't looked closely enough at the fact that the civil rights tradition, if we just think about the 20th century, because it was always a medical activism tradition. i think that we understand the forms of discrimination, jim crow and racial segregation, we understand this as being part of the early 20th century african-american rights, which also included health care great if we go back across the 20th century to the organizations and the initiatives that we think of being important to the civil rights tradition, health care is always there. one way of thinking about the black panther party is thinking about people that were part of the student nonviolent coordinating committee, that also had a medical on that tended to both activists her during the movement and local communities as we
, to texas, headings in the hundreds. you see the orange instead of the red and this is below normal for highs. mostly cloudy, 69-75 and a light southwest wind. it will be more humid with a mix of sun and clouds. maybe a scattered storm or two. southwest winds bewill be light- and the rain chance continues into monday. a few scattered showers in the picture. a lot of that activity is to the south. the rain chance goes down. we may see some dry conditions. the forecast, 90 on monday, tuesday, 92, monday into tuesday morning. wednesday, dry. more rain chances. another hot, humid situation. the temperatures fall back. >> you want to update on the orioles? >> zach, we wondered if he'd find his form? he found it today. next in sports. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >> from the sports center, this is 11 sports. >> the orioles saw a 5th quality start from zack briton, after his debut in minnesota. they are 37-5 with a quality sta
intern at our sister station in san antonio, texas. 3 accused killer james eagen holmes will make his first court appearance on monday..... monday..... he's been assigned a public defender to represent him. holmes has yet to be charged but, at mondays hearing, a judge is expected to advise him why he's being held and the conditions for his detention. the first legal questions in the case will likely surround his competency to stand trial.....and the possibility of the death penalty. one of the first things people aak after a tragedy like the one in colorado occurs.. could it happen here. and then they want to know if police are prepared to deal with it.a training exercise in prince george's county couldn't have been timed any better to answer those questions..audrey barnes has the details. details. oc:this training exercise at henry wise high school in upper marlboro has been on the schedule for weeks." remember what you're trained to do--rapid response to the threat."having it fall on the very day when the nation is gripped by the tragic shoooting in colorado that left at least
and strength in the lord. we bring in ed young, a pastor in grapevine, texas and joins us via skype. the question all of us have been asking is -- how do we make sense of this? >> you can't make sense of it. the bible is very clear. it tells us we live in a fallen world and bad things happen to good people and innocent people. and this whole question of pain is one of the most difficult things to grapple with. however, i think we need to move rapidly from the why question to the what question, not just why me, not just why did this happen? but what should we do because of this? >> eric: recently, you were warning about the dangers of the internet, saying people being online all the time, impacts personal relationships. we have reports that the suspect spent all of his time alone in his apartment, online and maybe role-playing, adult-type web sites. what are your concerns about the culture? what is happening to our culture isn't internet and the ethics of all of this? >> i think social media is great. but there is a definite dark side to it. i think we need to be very, very careful w
and sexual assault. he was implicated in san antonio texas. they testified against him in court during a five-day court-martial. he is among 12 instructors investigated for sexual misconduct. another six face charges in that scandal. a former lab technician is now facing charges in connection with an outbreak of hepatitis c that reportedly infected dozens of patients at a new hampshire hospital. 32-year-old david clatouseski is accused of stealing controlled substances and then switching the needles with patients. officials say that he knew that he had hepatitis c and continued to permit tainted syringings to be used on patients under his care. at least 30 people have been infected. >> don't go away >> we'll be right back. you know what i love about this country? trick question. i love everything about this country! including prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets hea
. >> the gentleman from texas is recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman and madam secretary for being here. when you were here back in october we discussed the week before he had been online using the security clearance you have given him when you placed him on the advisory -- the homeland's security advisory council. he used that to access the state and local intelligent data base and download the material. we have information that he shot at trying to claim texas was islamophobes. since that time, you told me personally at that time that you were going to look into it. you were not going to appoint somebody. you yourself would look into it. what did you find out? >> i found out the statements that have been made in that regard are false, misleading and objectionable. >> you need to know that you have people who are applying in your department. the texas department of public safety has been told the investigation was done. he did access the classified information with his own private computer. he did download the documents that we knew he did. the one thing they could not confirm because they did n
, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love. this is for everyone back home. it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. >> speculation about mitt romney's vp rick reporting the short list had gotten shorter and that an announcement was imminent. how soon is too soon to announce? we're back with jason riley, james freem onand kim straussel. and so, kim, quickly about this issue of when to announce the pick. is it safe to do it now? or wait for the convention? >> they're looking back at 2008 and the mccain decision to choose someone relatively unknown put them out of the convention, sara palin became sort of the subject of the media frenzy. and they're going to get news out. so they can have two guys focused on. >> so you think it's a good idea to get it out early? >> i think so. romney has wanted to make this about the economy. he doesn't want to throw someone out there and have the news media focused on this. >> and there is john mccain picking sara palin took a risk. you can decide whether that worked out. but now, mitt romney, mccain hoping for ron pa
a number of people on january 4, and it is all communications we are aware of, texas, phones, e-mails -- texts, phones, emails, and the people in records from are ross mirkarimi, you, and kellie williams, so that is what exhibit 83 is, and there are seven pages of small text lines, so i have tried to pull some of these out. if you want to take out your binder. >> ok. >> exhibit 83 is there in full. i just want to know that in case you want to double check some of the things i am highlighting to make sure if you have any doubts about their accuracy. the first box is a series of texts at 10:55 from lopez teto you, and another at 10:56, but , we do not know what the context is, so i am wondering if you remember. >> i vaguely remember. she let me know she had an argument with ross and that she wanted to talk with me. that was the gist of its. >> had she ever confided her personal affairs with you before? >> never. >> were you surprised to get these text messages and? >> yes. >> did you have any idea she was going to do this to? >> no. >> you recall the wording? >> i do not remember.
against -- ab32 against an onslaught of texas oil companies. we defend when they tried to block your business. california gets 50% of the venture capital. there is a lot going on here. we want to promote that. innovation is difficult because by definition, is of the few, not the many. that is the culture we want to encourage both in our schools, by minimizing, not getting overly obsessed with testing, and reducing learning to bubble in a multiple choice response. it is not literature, science, innovation, or creativity. it is not innovation. we need rigor and imagination. you need both. you have the left hand and the right hand. we have to combine those things. in california, we create innovation by ab32, but the only state with the cap and trade program, we create it by cutting regulation. i had to fire two incumbent people in our division of conservation. there were blocking oil exploration. i fired them and the oil permits for drilling went up 18%. we have to work on many levels. we're promoting efficiency. we're promoting and renewable energy and climate change -- i take courage
cowden, described as a true texas gentleman, was seeing the movie with his two teenage children and comic book geek and new york mets fan, 27-year-old alex sullivan, would have been celebrating his birthday. he was described as a ball of joy. and rebecca wingo mother of two, described as having a bubbly personality worked in customer relations, 24-year-old jessica ghawi had plans to be a sports reporter and na narrowly missed a shooting in canada last month. 27-year-old john larimer was a navy sailor at buckley air force base, a good sense of humor, youngest of five siblings, serving alongside larimer was 29-year-old jesse childress, a cyber systems operator, mikayla medek was a huge green bay packers fan. >> when i see the other shooting incidents and think oh, my gosh, i can't imagine with a the families are going through. now, imagine. >> a vigil honoring the victims will make taste at aurora city hall at 6:30 local time, jon. >> anna kooiman, thank you. and illinois man once again joining the people of colorado in mourning lives lost in a senseless tragedy. greg zanas placed acrosses
first speaker is tad armstrong who holds degrees from the universities of illinois and texas. he currently practices law and rights of bed for the st. louis post-dispatch. he teaches constitutional law at greenville college in illinois and has started many local constitution close to educate americans about the constitution the name of his book is "it's okay to say "god." please welcome tad armstrong. [applause] >> thank you so much. good morning. said to say it's not such a good morning in or call ron aware 15 to this point have lost their lives and numerous others injured by a lone gunman. i would ask you some time during the day to take a moment and after prayers for families of the victim's as well as the perpetrator in that sad event in, around. life goes on. would you agree with me they yesterday's energy was contagious in this room? what a marvelous facility the heritage foundation has year. and it's a privilege to speak today. i grew up in illinois and continue to reside there with my wife, our four kids to my grandkids, and hopefully more on the way. that's a stone's thr
nazi low riders, the northern structure, the texas syndicate and the black guerrilla family. but unlike street gangs, prison gangs don't even admit that they exist and don't let the tens of thousands of inmates that they control talk about them either. >>the mexican mafia, if you ask any inmate, what's the mexican mafia, they're going to tell you, "what are you talking about, i never even heard of that." >>does that go for all the other prison gangs in addition to the mexican mafia? >>the majority of them, yes. (laura) so the best way to get information is by going to what's known as a drop-out yard. so you can see that there are more people out on this yard and that's because this yard houses gang drop-outs. >>you're going to see blacks and whites talking. you'll see 'em, they play basketball in a mixed forum. i mean, you can see 'em, even out on the handball court, you see a hispanic and a black. so you'll see them talking more than you would on any other yard. (laura) but even here, it can be hard to get a conversation going. do you mind if we talk with you? >>i do
texas gentleman. 18-year-old alexander body, a resent high school graduate was described as a ball of joy by friends. his girlfriend survived. everyone expected them to get married of the serving alongside larimer was jesse childress a cyber systems operator. rebecca wingo was a mother of two. she worked in customer relations. a vigil remembering the lives lost will take place tonight at aurora city hall at 6:30. >>> coming up in a few minutes, we will go live to aurora and hear from a man who says he knew something wasn't right when holmes tried to join his gun club. >>> back in the district, thousands of people were on the national mall to kick off a huge international aids conference. they rallied and marred from the washington monument. that is where john henrehan is live. >> reporter: maureen, this international conference on hiv aids is huge. 25,000 delegates are assembling in washington. it's the first time in 22 years this conference is in the u.s. because only recently has america relaxed the previously stringent rules that kept hiv positive people out of the country. the
as columbine, 13 killed in a mass shooting, 2007, virginia tech, 32 killed. 2009, ft. hood, texas, 13 killed. 2012, colorado, 12 killed. can't we do anything to stop this? >> i don't know to tell you the truth what we can do. and this would immediately lead to the issue of gun control. the killer in norway was in a country that had very strict gun control laws and yet he was still able to acquire the necessary means to initiate and carry out a mass slaughter. i think we need to look at everything. everything should be looked at. but to think that somehow gun control is or increased gun control is the answer, in my view, that would have to be proved. >> you would be open to the discussion. i think part of what people are looking at are these magazines and these automatic weapons where you can shoot down 100 people, if i understand it, this suspect's gun jammed and he had to go to ones that didn't fire so rapidly. but he was able to buy and had on him 100 round cartridge. he was able to buy over three months four weapons, 6,000 ammo, cartridges, over the internet. if we had put that all togeth
of the aurora colorado mass theater shooting jessica ghawi was an aspiring broadcaster who moved from texas to aurora the last year to chase her dream. last month she survived a mall shooting in toronto while visiting her boyfriend. according to witnesses, she died from a gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: a good friend of alex sullivan. christina blatche is another victim of the shooting massacre in aurora, colorado. she was here with her friend and she survived. >> reporter: a couple of hours ago or day or so you were a manager of a restaurant and then this. >> yeah. you can't ever expect it. you know? you're always that person that says that will never happen to me. whentives going on, i didn't really know it was going on the first three minutes that it happened. i thought it was kind of like movie theater antics when there is midnight movie premieres they kind of sometimes put on shows or have people dress up in costumes and come around and what not. i honestly that might be what was going on because it was in the middle of a movie scene where they are fighting and then when the th
received a 20 year prison sentence for assaulting female teen knees in texas. but the prosecution labeled the 26-year-old walk center, he was a predator and raped and assaulted at least 10 trainees. >> we need a safe secure environment. unfortunately for the 10 victims. that was not the case. >> some of the victims testified that they can't sleep and don't trust money more. one woman broke off her engagement. another told her sister not to join the military. >> he is one of 12 obstruct tories who assaulted hour than 30 trainees. >> as we told you a few minutes ago. president obama will be speaking to shooting victims today and he will return with a trip to san francisco. air force one is scheduled to land at sfo at 7:15 tonight. he will speak to the veterans of foreign war convention and then raise money. there is $35,000 per person event in piedmont and evening fundraiser in downtown oakland. tickets go from 100 to $7,500. it will cause road closures including parts of tell graham avenue. san pueblo avenue and 17th through 20th avenues and perimeter and barricades will be set up tonight.
't know her daughter's gone. >> jessica is another victim. she moved to denver from texas about a year ago. friends and colleagues describe her as outgoing, smart and witty. she blogged about surviving a shooting in toronto that killed two people and sent others to the hospital. alec sullivan was celebrating his 27th birthday with friends at the batman movie. he was looking forward to his first wedding anniversary on sunday. 23-year-old is among the dead. her family says the news was heartbreaking. john larimar was also killed. his parents released a statement saying the navy had notified them that their son was among the dead. jonathan blunt's girlfriend told reporters that he pushed her under a seat to save her. he couldn't save himself. a. j. would boyt's family said he was a loving young mandating a beautiful young lady with him at the time. we are blessed that she survived this incident. andrea mccarren is in colorado helping out the sister station down there, kusa. thanks for joining us right now. the fbi is down there in force. help us understand what are they doing? >> reporter: a
that can cause great failures. texas actually learned this last winter. they had cold snaps that were not anticipated. they had demand for electricity rising, but they weren't expecting it to rise that much. then we had the cold, freezing pipes at the coal-fired power plants, so they had supply dropping off exactly when the demand was rising. what you get out of that his blackouts. that is something that the grid can circumvent a little bit and you can have a better chance of getting around if there were storage on the grid. it is not really just about how we make the world safe for wind and solar and how we build a hippie utopia. it is about how we actually, you know, prepare ourselves for a 21st century. we have a lot of technology that has not changed since the 1970s. i can't think of anything else that i depend upon that much that is stuck in 1970s technology. that is one of the biggest things that i think is making this grid more stable. making it something that has less inherent, you know, the going around behind the scenes that has to happen to actually get it to work. it is no
east texas to south dakota. the southeast, flooding rains. new orleans, record rainfall. and more will fall all weekend long. in north carolina, a shopping mall in charlotte is partially closed after heavy rains caused a partial roof collapse. >>> the simple request made here and we were stunned to see so many people listening. [ feedback ] attention, well, everyone. you can now try snapshot from progressive free for 30 days. just plug this into your car, and your good driving can save you up to 30%. you could even try it without switching your insurance. why not give it a shot? carry on. now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. did you know when heartburn, it's too late to take prilosec because... but it's but zantac® works differently. it relieves heartburn in as little as 30 minutes. in fact, so, when heartburn strikes, try zantac® this has been medifacts for zantac® when i had my heart event. and i've been on a bayer aspirin regimen ever since. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i kno
in a car driving from texas to new hampshire, and i really kind of worried, "am i going to be able to get out of the car at the end of these three days, or is somebody going to have to kind of pry me out?" and i cannot believe i feel good, that my hips don't hurt, my back doesn't hurt. i'm just amazed that i can spend that kind of time sitting and yet still be able to function without pain and without all these aches that i hoped... that i had thought i might have. >> i want to encourage everyone to start a practice of yoga. it doesn't matter why they're starting, whether it's to relieve an ache or pain, whether it's to bring a greater sense of youthfulness, whether it's to bring ease into the body, or whether it's a bigger picture, that they begin to view themselves in the universe in a different way, they begin to really understand an individual place in relation to the whole cosmos. >> had i not found gentle yoga i don't know where i would be, and so i'm tremendously grateful. >> i guess there was a transformation. it was part of my healing journey, it was part of the process that took
, it is the newest fitness craze and possibly a future olympic sport. we head to austin, texas to visit a pole fitness studio that's fighting the negative stigma surrounding the industry. ♪ girls girls girls >> i'm an elementary school teacher. >> i'm a technician. i work in a doctor's office. ♪ girls girls gerls >> i'm a librarian. ♪ red lips fenger tips >> if you're not already familiar with pole fitness, these may not be the kinds of women you'd expect to see learning the latest moves. this is pole dancing of today, it's more than just a performance. it's a growing trend in fitness. >> when i transferred to austin for work at the time, i was looking for a different sort of class. i was used to doing yoga and belly dancing and pole. i couldn't find that one-stop shop here. when i got downsized from my job, i'm like, that's a great opportunity. that was my vision. so i said this is where i'm going to start. >> soon, after opening the doors of inner diva, sherri knew she had a hit. her classes were full with people looking to are a new, fun way to get in shape ♪ i'm bringing sexy back
and possibly a future olympic sport. we head to austin, texas to visit a pole fitness studio that's fighting the negative stigma surrounding the industry. ♪ girls girls girls >> i'm an elementary school teacher. >> i'm a technician. i work in a doctor's office. ♪ girls girls gerls >> i'm a librarian. ♪ red lips
the spirit to move on but we'll never forget. >> reporter: in texas jessica ghawi's parents are grieving. >> no parent should go through that. >> reporter: as families mourn survivors struggle to make sense of the blood shed. >> there was nowhere to hide cht. >> reporter: nothing prepared her for this. she lost her friend staff sergeant jesse childress. >> him dying has been the hardest thing because you know i ended up with some buck shot in my hand but his life is gone. >> reporter: aurora was just ranked the ninth safest city in the country. at rosy's diner the busy sunday breakfast crowd is still in shock. >> this is our theater. you would never guess something weird like that was going to happen in your backyard. >> reporter: cheryl has three daughters. raina is six years old the same age as the youngest victim, veronica moser-sullivan. >> i tried to explain it as much as i can so i don't have to go to details. >> reporter: three days have passed since the shooting. the emotion and tears here are still fresh as is the pain. tonight hundreds if not thousands are expected for a memori
this. i am from baltimore. south carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love. this is for everyone back home. it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c250 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. >>> welcome back. the rec tang swath in of greep in the largest city is a playground and enterprise. it was the first landscaped public park in the united states. today it brings a billion to the big apple. >> people are really starting to understand the importance of parks on the economy. central park is a great example. we have the greatest hotels. we have the greatest museums, the real estate value, the restaurants, everything that is the best in new york city and i think in the world is right around central park. >> and you're measuring it at a billion dollars impact. >> easily. >> how do you get to a billion dollars. >> you look at the economic impact on what we
with omaha and st. louis. in tulsa, amarillo, dallas, texas, little rock on tuesday, we are expecting hundred degrees for your high temperature. you add in some humidity it feels worse. so a number of excessive heat warnings are in place. eastern portions of nebraska and kansas for the next several days. kentucky, southern parts of illinois and southeastern missouri, looking at some of the excessive heat warnings. that is where heat index values, when you factor in temperatures and high levels of humidity, heat values are going to be well over hundred degrees reaching dangerous levels for people outdoors for long periods of time. rainfall we need it over most of the lower 48, and affecting the city of chicago, dry across the center of the country, we had a batch of storms moving through minnesota earlier today now into parts of wisconsin. >> gregg: maria, thanks very much. >> arthel: they are saying golden ears may not be shining brightly. millions of older americans may be in danger of losing their homes. >> gregg: plus the downfall of a sports icon. penn state's child sex abuse scandal topp
... austin, texas... we are all here to reprent the country we love. this is for everyone back home. it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. >>. >> this week, south africa and the world, celebrates nelson mandela's birthday. former president bill clinton joined mr. mandela in person. this is 22 years since mandela's release from prison, still years shy of the 27 years he spent behind bars. he was elected president of south africa in the first multirace elections. years before, it was the oppressive politics of the apartheid regime that rallied people for the cause of equal justice in south africa. americans demanded economic sanctions on an unjust government an ocean away. we took a look in the vault and found this clip from nbc nightly news in 1986. >> on the berkeley campus today, more than words flying as anti apartheid demonstrators battled with police. symbolic south africanan shanties put up by demonstrators were torn down by university workers as a fire hazard. the demonstrateors counteracted with bottles, rocks and garbage cans. police moved in to arrest them.
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cities effected by tragedy whether mass shootings like texas or tucson, arizona early last year or cities affected by natural disasters. he was just in colorado springs at the end of june to tr e area affected by wildfires. it is not uncomm during trips like this to at some point see the president on camera. we expect to see him when he arrived. we might also see him at some point speaking on camera about this, delivering some sort of message of comfort to the family members there. we will watch for that. >> has the white house revealed what concerns they had about the president attending the prayer vigil and why both the white house and some of the officials in aurora decided it wasn't the best thing for him to do? >> the white house isn't speaking about this explicitly. they are only talking about whc have released officially. i know that colorado governor spoke this morning on state of the union and said that the issue that had been raised was really a logistical one. this is not uncommon to see this from this white house. they don't want to disrupt hihe to t wildfire zone or when he v
. and in texas, u.s. air force staff sergeant lewis walker sentenced to 20 years behind bars in a sex assault scandal involving one of the nation's biggest military training centers. one of 12 investigated for sexual misconduct toward at least 31 female trainees. walker convicted yesterday of rape, aggravated sexual 10 and sexual assault. >>> overseas the fight intensifying in syria as rebels take over key neighborhoods once under government control. troops pushing back against the surge in the capital city of damascus, using mortar attacks to drive the opposition from an area that has seen some of the heaviest fighting this week. syrians trying to escape the violence in aleppo. domenica davidominik has more from jerusalem. >> a series of braze. in gains by the rebels this week. the government responding with helicopter gunships and tanks firing mortar rounds. the key positions the rebels have swept through in the capital damascus in the past few days. the government also not being able to respond to the on o position surge through other parts of the country. the rebels have reached as far as
... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> matt mcquinn's family agonized for hours before they found out he was killed in the shooting. he was at the movie with his girlfriend and her brother. he died while trying to shield his girlfriend from the borage of bullets from suspected gunman james holmes. to make matters worse, the hospital wouldn't confirm his condition to her because she was not related. >> we want to get new video just in to cnn, we heard that all of the explosive material had been removed from the suspect's apartment. this is an undisclosed location thaw are looking at outside of aurora. police are dis
many weapons in this country and disturbed people. virginia tech, 2007, mass shooting. ft. hood, texas, 2009, another maz shooting. tucson, just last year. >> at the same time, you also covered homeland security, the counterterrorism beat, no connection, this is a person acting alone from everything we know, no connection to terrorism, but my question is, as you have been reporting, homeland security officials are concerned about a lone wolf going into a movie theater with a suicide bomb, how do they explain why that hasn't happened more if. >> they're concerned about that. what we're seeing more and more are disturbed people. someone who might be associated with al qaeda. influenced by al qaeda. but they're perplexed as to why groups like that haven't tried this. it would clearly be effective. they're scratching their head on why it hasn't happened. >> let's go ahead to dan right now. we know that mr. holmes is going to appear in court tomorrow for the first time and he almost certainly is going to be facing a death penalty case. >> absolutely. we're talking about 12 people dead. many
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